THE BEST PREPARATION Empanadas, pizzas, quiches... The main characteristic of our products is their manufacturing process. Artisanal process from quality raw materials to obtain a quality product. KNOW MORE Deja a todos con la boca abierta Empanadas Caseras Ofrecemos una amplia selección de empanadas elaboradas por nosotros listas para hornear. VER MÁS Deliciosas pizzas artesanas Pizzas congeladas caseras Pizzas caseras de diferentes sabores elaboradas con materia prima de primera calidad SABER MÁS
Know our history



PrecoFood S.L. was born in 1990 from a mixture of culinary culture brought from Italy to Argentina and then carried to Spain. We are proud to be a food products company with more than thirty years of experience, specialized in the preparation process of precooked foods and foods derived from the wheat flour.


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.