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The Frozen Platform remembers that this type of product allows the consumer to maintain a healthy and balanced diet since, thanks to ultra-freezing, foods retain their nutritional value for longer.

The consumption of frozen products in Spain was already booming, although during confinement it becomes especially important. In fact, according to recent data from Nielsen, the consumption of frozen products has grown by 39% during confinement (data accumulated between weeks 9 and 12 of 2020).

The Frozen Platform, formed by Angulas Aguinaga, Campos, Carpisa, Dr. Oetker, Findus, La Cocinera and Pescanova and coordinated by AECOC, explains the two reasons why, once again, frozen products have become the solution for perfect purchase:

  1. It allows you to have a healthy and balanced diet for a long period: throughout confinement it has become especially important to follow a varied, balanced and healthy diet. In this sense, frozen products offer the user the possibility of having a wide and varied range of foods, whether seasonal or not, to prepare recipes with high nutritional value for all types of diets (including flexitarian ones). The line of frozen products also provides the user with food for moments of indulgence. Furthermore, thanks to the durability that frozen foods offer, they have become the perfect food ally to fill the pantry and get through confinement.
  2. They are safe and transparent foods: frozen products ensure their nutritional value thanks to the preservation technique they use: ultra-freezing. This technique consists of an industrial process that freezes at high speed and at more than -40ºC, which prevents the generation of ice crystals and maintains the nutritional value of the food. Then, the product is stabilized until it reaches -18/20ºC, a temperature that is maintained both in the store and in the consumers’ homes. Unlike domestic freezing, which is slower and is carried out at a lower temperature, which can lead to nutritional loss of the products. These are also products that are completely transparent with the consumer since they provide all the data on the origin, packaging, nutritional value, expiration date and various conservation and preparation tips.

In short, the main reasons for the growth in consumption of frozen products during confinement are the durability of food, variety of products and the safety of their nutritional values. However, when consuming them, it is important to take into account the recommendations for use of the Frozen Platform:

  • For food to maintain its properties, the cold chain must not be broken, so isothermal bags must be used to transport it from the store to home.
  • Once thawed, products should not be refrozen.
  • Even if they are frozen, they have an expiration date that must be respected.
  • Defrosting is as important as freezing – although it is recommended to follow each manufacturer’s instructions, some general tips are:
    • Meat and fish should be defrosted slowly, so it should be done from the freezer to the refrigerator and not at room temperature.
    • Seafood, vegetables and greens can be cooked without being previously defrosted.
    • Pre-cooked products can be used immediately.

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