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Each Spaniard consumed a measure of 15.10 kilos of prepared dishes in 2019, a figure that represents a growth of 3.05% compared to the previous year, according to the balance presented by the sector’s employers’ association, Asefapre, which includes 15 manufacturers.

The sector has sold 592,454 tons of prepared dishes for home consumption, 3.3% more than the previous year, and its sales in value have amounted to 3,088 million euros (5.5% more than in 2018).

The production of the 15 companies that are part of the association reached approximately 243,892 tons this year, which also represents a growth of 1.7%.

For the general secretary of Asefapre, Álvaro Aguilar, this growth at the national level is due to the fact that “families increasingly have fewer children and there are many ‘singles'”, and there is a great variety of products.

Regarding the situation by category, refrigerated prepared dishes maintain a share of 48.4%, followed by frozen dishes (39.4%) and room temperature dishes (12.2%).

The balance shows an increase in volume of 6.1% in refrigerated dishes and 2.7% in dishes at room temperature, while frozen prepared dishes have stagnated (+0.3%).

Boom in exports

Aguilar has highlighted the export boom for Asefapre member companies, which in 2019 increased by 14.8%, up to 39,360 tons.

Exports of prepared dishes already account for 16.1% of total production and are one of the factors that has benefited the sector the most.

The European Union appears as the main destination for these Spanish products, although Aguilar has assured that the Asian and American markets are also important for the growth of this sector.

Even so, the Secretary General has expressed his concern about the evolution of sales in the coming months due to the paralysis of the market caused by the coronavirus crisis, as well as the consequences that the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU may have. .

Pizza, the main refrigerated product

Regarding the dishes preferred by Spanish consumers, pizza is in first position in the refrigerated category and second in frozen dishes (124,803 t); Potato-based dishes are the most popular in frozen dishes (63,438 t); and legumes occupy first place in prepared ambient dishes (17,390 t).

For his part, the president of Asefapre, Ángel Matamoro, has highlighted the organization’s commitment to improving food quality and safety, as well as research to obtain new raw materials and formulations.

He has emphasized the association’s recent adherence to the Collaboration Plan for the improvement of the composition of food and beverages promoted by the Government.

Under this agreement, companies in the sector have committed to reducing the average salt content by 10% in products such as croquettes, dumplings, cannelloni/lasagna, nuggets, rings or surimi derivatives, and the same percentage of saturated fat in nuggets. .

They also highlighted during the presentation the commitment to sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations.

Regarding packaging, Matamoro explained that they are in contact with packaging companies to see what types of products are less polluting, but he recalled that what they take into account as a determining factor in their choice is food safety.

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