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Venta comida precocinada congelada


from a mixture of culinary culture brought from Italy to Argentina and then carried to Spain. We are proud to be a food products company with more than thirty years of experience, specialized in the preparation process of precooked foods and foods derived from the wheat flour.

Our star product are the “empanadas”and the pizzas, amongst others, which are all made entirely by hand using natural, high quality ingredients, without using any preservatives or colourants.
As a result of our elaboration process, we are able to study our clients’ needs, therefore being able to customize the formats and flavors to fit specific demands.

We use frozen frozen transport to deliver to the entirety of Spain and the rest of Europe.

Values of PrecoFood


We build relationships based on personal and professional desires, providing support and security to whom we associate professionally.


We enforce honest, transparent,
austere and responsible conduct.


Our management is based upon continuous progress, stimulating interaction, effort and the contribution of all our staff towards the achieving results.


We hold a long term vision that encourages us to seek innovative forms of competitiveness, optimizing available resources with creativity and ingenuity.


We make sure that all our products are manufactured with the best ingredients on the market without using additives, thus guaranteeing their taste.


Preco Food wants to be the number one company in Andalucia and a benchmark nationally and internationally in the making, sale and distribution of its precooked products.


Respond to the need of homes and businesses that need natural and quality products, with the best flavor and with customization possibilities, ready to heat and serve.

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We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.